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Everything about your wealth & assets

Wealth and fortune is not just about money. You must also be healthy and in a good place emotionally to spend it wisely. Fortune horoscope analyses all these variants and predicts how good or bad you will fare financially in life. As planets keep changing their position in the sky, your wealth fortune also keeps changing. There will be good times and bad times. The horoscope will have remedies to tide over any possible crisis and also recommends methods to use during favourable times. Certain combinations of planets or Yogas can facilitate a big inflow of money, some more than others. The horoscope presents in detail all such yogas you have in your life and describes the various ways in which it will affect your finances. Benefic and malefic conditions will keep your wealth fluctuating. Know this and more by availing the fortune horoscope.

Features of Astrologer Kamal Shastri Wealth & Fortune horoscope

Nature of wealth

Money gets meaning when you earn it doing what you love. Some of you may be artists, others may be engineers and doctors.

Money perception

How you view money is important. For some, it is a thing to flaunt. Others attach emotional value to it.

Mode of earning

There is a big gulf separating making your money and working for money. Both have their positives and negatives

Control over wealth

Being good with money is easier said than done. Some of you may need help to manage your finances.

House construction

Building a house is the dream of every person. It takes a very astute use of money to achieve your dream home.

Miscellaneous factors

Certain mannerisms, body supplements, colours and other features affect your fortune. Know them and more.

Wealth horoscope

Your general Wealth and Fortune prospects for the year 2022 depends on the way you spend the money you get. While the year can be termed positive in terms of financial opportunities, if you decide to take it easy or just give away your money, it will cost you dearly. You can expect a sudden boost to financial prospects during January and then again in October. It is important to stay away from impulse purchases. You may be lured by new products and attractive offers into spending money on products that will ultimately prove to be worthless. This is especially probable during the months of January, May and September. Be smart when it comes to work. Rather than putting all eggs in one basket, it is better to diversify your options and try to earn some extra cash. Use your skills, invest in yourself. Place goals when it comes to savings. Check them during April-May and then again in October-November. Make sure you have enough balance to face any contingency during this time. Draw up a financial plan and act on it during the first 10 months. Use the final two months to evaluate your performance. At times you will feel the urge to be generous and throw money around. Do not let it be so. Instead, take the wise option and buy a premium wealth horoscope.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aries people are expected to enjoy a financial windfall for the hard work rendered in the past. If you are Taurus be wary of scamsters and do not let anyone take advantage of you. Gemini should take any decision only after making proper consultations. As Cancer, you can afford to indulge in some charity work. Leo should resist temptations to flaunt wealth. Virgo can think of making investments provided you make proper research. If you are Libra, bet on yourself and boldly take on the world. Scorpio needs to work smart and take calculated risks. Sagittarius will start the year big, but it will get gloomy as the months go past. Unexpected luck will hit Capricorn during the middle of the year. Aquarius can afford to look forward with hope and optimism. As Pisces, you can make bold choices with your money.
Cancer is the Zodiac to which the maximum number of rich people belong, followed by Gemini, Taurus and Pisces. Sagittarius and Scorpio also enjoy reasonable prospects when it comes to wealth and fortune. Capricorn, Libra and Aquarius enjoy modest luck. Aries, Leo and Virgo are at the bottom.
The presence of positive planetary influence on 2nd, 4th, 9th and 11th houses enables one to acquire riches. Jupiter and Sun are wealth significators among planets. Venus, Moon and Mars also have important roles in the fortune horoscope of a person. Yoga is the unique combination of various planets which merits special consideration. There are many finance-centric yogas in Vedic astrology, some more popular than others.
Venus placed favourably to the lords of the 2nd and 8th house indicate wealth. Favourably placed Jupiter indicates expansion. Favourably placed Saturn indicates a willingness to work hard. Mars gives you courage and stamina to strive against adversities.
Because astrology has a role to play in the financial fortunes of a person. While being born on a certain Zodiac or a certain Nakshatra will not make you a billionaire automatically, knowing your wealth and fortune provides you with the knowledge on how to use your money and where. Certain signs are considered weak in terms of money, but wealth is more than just amassing money. Find out more of this in your wealth horoscope.