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Monthly Predictions - your immediate future

Your monthly horoscope will tell you how good or bad the coming month will be for you. The Astrologer Kamal Shastri monthly rashifal prediction report is made through a detailed analysis of the planets and stars and how they will impact your life. Through this report, you can know your Sookshma and Prana Dasas. This will reveal your fortunes on any particular day or even within the hour of a day. Such intricate predictions will help you make informed decisions about job, career, construction, travel and money transactions. Thus, it will help improve the quality of life.

Features of Astrologer Kamal Shastri Monthly Horoscope

Know about your current dasha

Know your monthly predictions, based on your current dasha.

Favorable muhurtas & good times

Know astrologically auspicious moments & favorable muhurtas for you during the month.

Know about your transit predictions

Know your transit predictions (gochara phala) on a monthly basis.

Know your deity of the day

Know your deity of the day to be worshipped and get blessed

Sookshma, Prana dasha predictions

Get an insight on Sookshma, Prana Dasha periods which are part of your current dasha.

Unfavourable or inauspicious moments

Know the inauspicious moments in advance & plan accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vedic astrology is an ancient science that educates you about your present and prepares you for the future. You learn the art of taking advantage of your best opportunities and simultaneously minimize the impact of less fortunate cycles.
With your monthly horoscope, you can easily get an insight into what’s destined in the future and map out other important dates related to your career, education, professional life, and more. You can use the insights into favourable and unfavourable periods to plan out your decisions better.

Many astrologers predict your life chart based on Dashas and Transit (Gochara). Gochara Phala is the study of planetary movement as per the placement of the Moon in your Natal (Birth) chart.

While predicting Gochara results, the moon plays a significant role and the sign in which your natal moon is placed is termed as your Janam Rasi (Birth sign). Since the planets constantly move from one rasi to another rasi, Gochara results are drawn by interpreting from the natal moon to planets in transit.

On Astrologer Kamal Shastri, we primarily offer you 4 different styles of horoscope charts namely – South Indian, North Indian, East Indian, and Keralite variants. Read along to understand the difference in these charts.

1. North Indian chart – In this chart, the horoscope is calculated anti-clockwise from Ascendant, and a circle that’s divided into 12 divisions/ houses is drawn at the top. The entire horoscope calculation is done based on the Ascendant.

2. East Indian Chart – It works similarly to the North Indian chart and the horoscope is calculated anti-clockwise from Ascendant. The same circle having 12 divisions/houses is drawn skipping the outside circle altogether, as well. In this horoscope chart, Mesh Rashi stays at the top in the Kundli drawn and the calculation is done from Ascendant.

3. South Indian Chart – In here, the calculation is done in the clockwise direction from Ascendant. Unlike other charts, it looks a little rectangular and has the same 12 divisions/houses and is more commonly practised in South India.

To get your monthly horoscope report, you need to pay a nominal amount of INR 350/- and the chart gets delivered in your mailbox within the next 3 hours.