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Are you thinking of getting married but struggling to find a great life partner? Get your birth chart/horoscope analyzed today and get valuable insights regarding your marriage. Analyzing the horoscope (kundali) of a couple is considered a mandate in Hindu tradition because it helps to understand the influence of the celestial bodies on marital life. In case of any future reference of inauspicious incidents, necessary remedial measures are undertaken.
At Astrologer Kamal Shastri, we generate 100% accurate marriage prediction reports and help you discover the potential for development and growth in your relationship. Additionally, these premium marriage horoscope reports are based on the concept of Vedic astrology which assists you in finding the right life partner based on your characteristics and traits.

Features of Astrologer Kamal Shastri Marriage horoscope

An outlook of marriage/married life

This Astrologer Kamal Shastri report is an exclusive study of your horoscope from the aspect of your marriage. It may give answers to your various concerns regarding the marriage – When, Who, How etc. This is indeed your detailed and complete marriage astrology.

Marriage Astrology - Accurate Predictions

The horoscope is based on the planetary positions at the specific date, time and place of your birth. The accuracy of finding this planetary alignment and accuracy of the analysis is very important. Astrologer Kamal Shastri software assures this accuracy and gives you errorless predictions. You can generate here, your accurate marriage horoscope by date of birth.

7th House analysis

The 12 houses or bhavas in the birth chart hold the astrological data of various aspects of your life. The 7th house/bhava represents your married life. This exclusive report studies your 7th house to provide a general outlook of the nature of your married life, your partner, kids and the various events in your family life.

Dasa-Apahara analysis

The Dasa-Apaharas in Vedic Astrology help to study the various phases of life. Your Astrologer Kamal Shastri marriage astrology report makes a detailed study of your various dasa - apahara periods too.

Favourable periods for marriage

Through a thorough analysis of your dasa - apaharas and planetary alignments, this report provides a list of favourable periods in your life. It lets you know the years in your life favourable for marriage.

Yogas for Marriage

Yogas are some specific planetary combinations in the birth chart casting specific influences on life. There are some yogas that influence your married life. This marriage horoscope by date of birth will let you know about such yogas in your life.

Kuja dosha affecting married life

The position of planet Kuja or Chovva in the birth chart is very important. If it is placed in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house supported by some other factors, then it may cause some malefic effects on marriage. This is called Kuja/Manglik/Chovva dosha. This report will let you know about the presence of this dosha.

Rahu-Ketu doshas

Rahu & Ketu are two shadowy planets in Vedic Astrology. These planets, based on their positioning, may cast negative influences on your marriage. You can know whether you have these doshas from this horoscope report.


Some features in your horoscope could be the reason behind the obstacles or delays you face. Your Astrologer Kamal Shastri marriage horoscope by date of birth will suggest remedies to all such negative factors or doshas.

Frequently Asked Questions

A horoscope is unique to a person and is designed w.r.t his/her birth timings and the relative position of celestial bodies at the time of birth. Astrologers give importance to horoscope charts because it helps them analyze the character and other aspects of a person’s life including marriage.

By carefully analyzing your marriage horoscope by date of birth generated at Astrologer Kamal Shastri, you can get answers to questions like “when would you get married”, “who would be your lucky partner”, and other significant questions.

Doshas are factors that are present within your horoscope and affect different aspects of your life. Each of these Doshas is known to have its characteristics and can be present in any of the 12 houses in a horoscope.

Kuja Dosha (or Chovva Dosha) arises due to the position of Mars in your birth chart in a way that it starts impacting your married life negatively. With your premium marriage horoscope report, you can easily check if your horoscope includes a Kuja Dosha and find possible solutions.

The malefic placement of Mars in the birth chart results in Kuja dosha and as per the astrology tradition, it is believed that Kuja dosha casts a negative influence on your married life. Multiple factors decide the degree of influence of Kuja dosha on your life in general. With our marriage horoscope report, you can identify possible remedial solutions to undertake in case you have Kuja dosha.
Your date of birth is unique to you. So, once you fill out the form on our website and list your date of birth, our expert astrologers start analyzing the position of celestial bodies that’s unique to your birth time and date of birth. Based on their comprehensive analysis, we at Astrologer Kamal Shastri can easily forecast your marriage prediction by date of birth.
If your marriage plans are getting delayed, it’s important to get your horoscope report checked by a renowned astrologer. The astrologer can then check the presence of doshas like “Rahu-Ketu”, or “Kuja” within your horoscope and suggest remedies to tackle them.
Online horoscopes are quicker to generate, efficient and minimize the probability of encountering a human error. We at Astrologer Kamal Shastri utilize software to generate online reports ensuring high-level accuracy. Simply feed in your birth details in our software and it will find the exact position of planets and stars w.r.t your birth details.
You can obtain your horoscope report in 2 different variants – ‘BASIC’ and ‘PREMIUM’. The BASIC plan offers you limited insights into your horoscope, while you can get an in-depth analysis of your life chart at a nominal.